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Fishwreck Boat Wraps

Marlin Boat Wrap for Hook, Line and Sinker, Bernie, Tasmania 


3 of the 4 boats we wrapped onsite in Vanuatu for Ocean Blue Fishing

Camo Boat Wraps for Ocean Blue Fishing Vanuatu

Our eye catching boat wraps are known for their quality and unique artwork.  We use hand produced art on Avery Graphics vinyl, all produced in house by your Fishwreck team.

For 6 months interest free above $1000, please contact us so we can help.

We have preferred installers all over Australia.  If we don't have one in your area, we will find one for you.   Alternatively you can install yourself and save a bundle.

avery vinylWe only use Avery MPI1105RS vinyl with a Avery DOL6460 over laminate, the best on the market.

We use our exclusive artists unique work to create boat wraps that will turn your boat into a stunning floating piece of art. Contact us now to commission your master piece and start turning some heads. 

The following are some examples of layouts to choose from as well as completed boat wraps.  We can design a boat wrap to suit you using any of the species we have already covered in our apparel range, you are not restricted to these samples.
I guarantee you will find our prices extremely competitive and in a unique style that will make your boat a real head turner.  I think you will agree that the art we use is pretty special.

Don't forget to check out these links to see all of our wrap style

Click here to see Nick Laferriere inspired boat wraps

Click her to see Jason Mathias boat wrap

Craig Bertram Smith

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"Fish and Boat Magazine" boat wrap designed and installed by Fishwreck.

Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Reef Boar Wrap, Fish and Boat Magazine, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Spanish Mackerel Boat Wrap, Tully, Queensland

Spanish Mackerel Boat Wrap

Red Emperor, Coral Trout Boat Wrap - Brisbane, Queensland

Red Emporer, Coral Trout Boat Wrap Brisbane, Queensland

GT Boat Wrap, Coral Sea Sportfishing Safaris, Cairns, Qld.

GT Boat Wrap, Coral Sea Sportfishing Safaris, Cairns, Qld.

Murray Cod, Yellowbelly, Redfin Perch Boat Wrap - Kialla, Victoria

Murray Cod, Yellowbelly, Golden Perch, Redfin Perch Boat Wrap

Barramundi Boat Wrap - Rockhampton, Queensland

Barramundi Boat Wrap

Coral Trout and Red Emperor Boat Wrap - Mackay, Queensland

Coral Trout and Red Emperor Boat Wrap, Mackay, Queensland

Permit, Bonefish and Tuna Boat Wrap - Gladstone, Queensland

Permit, Bonefish and Tuna boat Wrap

Hogs, Dogs and Quads Boat Wrap, Darwin, Northern Territory

Hogs, Dogs and Quads boat wrap Darwin Northern Territory

Insidious Camo Boat Wrap, Germany, United Kingdom

Insidious Camo Boat Wrap

Coral Trout, Reef Boat Wrap, Mackay, Queensland

Coral Trout, Reef Boat Wrap, Mackay, Queensland

3 Stooges Boat Wrap, Mangrove Jack, King Salmon and Barramundi, Broome, W.A

3 Stooges Boat Wrap, Mangrove Jack, King Salmon and Barramundi, Broome, W.A

3 Stooges Boat Wrap, Mangrove Jack, King Salmon and Barramundi, Broome, W.A

Trepidatious Trout boat wrap - Maryborough, Queensland 

coral trout boat wrap

Grey Grunge Mangrove Jack, Red Emperor boat wrap - Hervey Bay, Queensland

Mangrove Jack, Red Emperor Boat Wrap - Hervey Bay Queensland

Greyscale Red Emperor boat wrap - Tom Price, Western Australia 

Greyscale Red Emperor boat wrap

red emporer boat wrap close up

Red Emperor Boat Wrap

Reef Predator Boat Wrap - Maryborough, Qld

Reef Predator Boat Wrap

Grey Insidious Camo boat wrap - Freemantle, Western Australia

Camouflage boat wrap

Trepidatious Trout Half Boat Wrap - Bracken Ridge, Brisbane, Queensland

Trout Half Boat Wrap Bracken Ridge Brisbane Queensland

A Jason Mathias designed boat wrap

marlin sailfish bill fish boat wrap

Greyscale Crocodylus Fishwreckylus boat wrap - Darwin, Northern Territory

crocodile boat wrap

Brown Flathead Boat Wrap - Albion Park, New South Wales

flathead boat wrap

Marlin and Tuna Combination Boat Wrap - Rockhampton, Queensland

Marlin Boat Wrap

Grunge blood Red Emperor boat wrap - Rockhampton, Queensland

Red Emporer Boat Wrap

Reefmaster Cat Boat Wrap, Brendale, Brisbane, Queensland

Reef, Red Emperor, Coral Trout, Boat Wrap

Murray Cod Boat Wrap installed by PG Nola, New Orleans, LA, United States

Murray Cod Boat Wrap United States

Mako Boat Wrap, Ulverstone, Tasmania
Mako Shark Boat Wrap
A comprehensive clip on wrapping your own boat with Peter Kaye
from Fish and Boat Magazine
You have 2 options:
1) Apply yourself and save a bundle, it ain't rocket science and we can even supply you with an application pack to make it even easier.
Wrap application pack consists of a glove and applicator. 

Every one of our customer that has applied their wraps have been very happy with the results and have saved themselves a bundle along the way.  If you are lucky enough to live in a remote area, self application is a great option.
 2) Professional application.  We can install it for you or have one of our many partnered installers that are situated all over Australia do it for you or you can use your preferred installer.
 We can produce wraps using any of the species we have already covered on our apparel, mix and match backgrounds or can even create a new piece of art for your project.

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Bazza Attack

Barramundi Boat Wrap

Coral Trout Wrap

Coral Trout Boat Wrap

Part of Red Emperor

red emperor boat wrap
Part of Golden Snapper

golden snapper boat wrap

All 3 of the above in one huge 46ft wrap we Drew, designed and manufacture for a client in Darwin

Reef Boat Wrap

46ft wrap design, artwork and printing by your Fishwreck team, installed in Darwin by one of our preferred installers.

reef boat wrap

 Some more Jason Mathias wrap examples

marlin billfish boat wrap

striped marlin billfish boat wrap


marlin boat wrap

marlin billfish boat wrap

Jason Mathias Artworks.  All these are available for boat wraps and custom fishing apparel and we can use elements from any.

sailfish boat wrap

Blue Marlin

marlin billfish boat wrap

Swordfish, Prince of Darkness

swordfish marlin billfish boat wrap

Swordfish 2

swordfish boat wrap 2

Marlin and Spearfish

whit marlin boat wrap

Black Marlin and Mackerel boat wrap

Black Marlin Mackerel boat wrap

Striped Marlin and bait ball

Striped Marlin and bait ball boat wrap

Blue Marlin and Tuna

Blue Marlin and Tuna

Black Marlin and skirted lure

Black Marlin and skirted lure boat wrap
Blue Marlin and Tuna 2

Blue Marlin and Tuna

Blue Marlin and Mackerel

Blue Marlin Boat Wrap

Marlin, Sharks and Skirted Lure

Marlin, Sharks and Shirted lure

Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi Boat Wrap

The Following are artwork examples for boat wraps using artwork from Nick Laferriere, we can mix and match anything seen here.

Crocodylus FishwreckylusCrocodile Boat Wrap

Blue GT

GT Boat Wrap

Grey Barramundi
Barramundi Boat Wrap
Mangrove Jack
Mangrove Jack Boat Wrap
Brown Flathead
Flathead Boat Wrap
 Blue JewBoat Wrap Blue Jew
Red/Brown Snapper
snapper boat wrap
Grey Mako

Mako Boat Wrap

Murray Cod

murray cod boat wrap

Blue Bream
Bream Boat Wrap
Brown Insidious Camo

brown camo boat wrap

Grey Insidious Camo
Grey Insidious Camo Boat Wrap
Bush Brown Camo

Brown Bush Boat Wrap

Bush Green Camo
Bush Green Boat Wrap
Bush Grey Camo

Bush Grey Camo Boat Wrap

GT Boat has pressed sides and was applied by the customer, that's him steering, mean looking hey. QLD
boat wrap gt
Big Bad Barra, supplied to Jason and he had a local signwriter apply it for him - QLD
barramundi boat wrap
Big E, Ian Phillips, One of the best Flathead fisherman in Australia, fitted with the help of a mate - NSW
flathead boat wrap
Big E's good mate, David Johnstone.  These guys look like twins on the water - NSW
flathead boat wraps
Luke Darby Shark Cat Marlin Wrap
Marlin Boat Wrap
Barramundi Boat Wrap
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If you would normally wear a large in the men's then you will wear a large in our gear and the same goes with the Ladies an Youth sizes.

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