Nick Laferriere's Fine Art Aids Conservation In Australia

January 09, 2015

For those who know anything about our artist, Nick Laferriere, he is by far no Green.  When Nick isn't drawing or guiding he is either fishing or hunting.

This award winning artist, Nick Laferriere, is a one of a kind. No just because of his insanely detailed artwork that's done in a style that only he can do but also for his honesty and the generosity he shows both in business and with his fans.

We have just received an unexpected package from Nick and to say the least we were very excited to see what it just might be.  As it was very carefully packed we knew it had to be something he didn't want to get damaged from being transported all the way from Canada to Australia.

In it was a hand written letter along with 2 original signed pieces of artwork that Nick had drawn for Fishwreck.  The letter was very humbling and the drawings were incredible with the detail and style.

Now here is where he shows his colours.  Nick has requested in the letter that one of the original drawings is to be auctioned off with all proceeds going to a conservation project of our choice.  What incredible insight this fine man has and we are very proud to have him on board.

We have decided to keep the Big Bad Barra as the Barramundi was the first species Nick drew for us.  That means that the GT will be auctioned and all proceeds going to a project that we haven't decided on as yet.

Thanks Nick, not just from Fishwreck but on behalf of Australia, we are privileged to be able to use your artwork and we wear it with pride.  Bring on 2015.


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