46ft Full Color, Reef Themed Boat Wrap

January 14, 2016

A lot of you will remember the GT wrap layout we did that leading boats sales company, boatsales.com.au picked up on describing us as "Queensland's boat wrap powerhouse" and getting well over 1000 likes, loads of comments and over 400 shares. Well we are now currently working on an even bigger, more epic project.

This time it's a 46ft charter style boat that the client wants an original full colour reef scene featuring a Coral Trout, Red Emperor, and a Golden Snapper. Getting excited all you Reef dwellers!. You have been asking for reef species for a long time, I know, I have had to answer all your messages smile emoticon.

We could have opted for computer generated images but you know us guys better than that!. It had to be real art and it had to be done by none other than our great artist, Art by Nick Laferriere.

This is an exciting project in many ways, first of all this is the first time Nick will be producing full colour art for Fishwreck. You all know that Nick does our unique grunge style bone artwork but If you have never seen his full colour work, do yourself a favor and go check it out, he does it with immense detail and beauty. This is also our largest project thus far and it will also be available to everyone in its entirety or in parts for other wraps and apparel. Yep, that means you can have it to.

How are we able to do this?. When Nick produces artwork, he does it sections because of the grand scale on which he does it. Doing so enables us to use it on massive projects like this that requires us to enlarge the artwork while retaining its detail. This also means we can use the Fish by themselves, with all or part of the background or just use the background for something else, cool hey!.

Lucky for you we were taught the benefits of sharing in kindy so will be keeping you all up to date with the progress of this project so you can see just what goes on behind the scenes.

These pics are the basic sketches of the Coral Trout, Red Emperor and Golden Snapper used to show the poses of the fish, the scene sketch is to follow.

If you are interested in a wrap or any custom apparel etc. Now is the time to act, you can use this artwork or any of our existing artworks.

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